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Decent labor

A right of all

Do you know who made the clothes you are wearing? This question brings to light a deep discussion about the social impact on the product chain of fashion. The sector, on the same time that is a big generator of employments, is also pointed for the non-compliance of human rights and exploitation reports of manpower in all levels.

To avoid that cases like this happen in our product chain, we keep a strict checking program, inspection visits and keeping track of suppliers. For 2030, new goals expand the control and give even more transparency to our operations.

Lately, we leave from the point where we have 58% of our suppliers evaluated, 61% of raw material suppliers and checked services and 73% of factions certified by ABVTEX.

For the future, we want to have:


*foto tirada antes da pandemia


of suppliers certified and with excellence on human rights until 2030.

of tracking and transparency of human rights’ conditions in the supply chain until 2030, with blockchain technology applied to make traceable and public all supply chain from Malwee Group.


No tolerance to violation in all supply chain: slavery, child labor, harassment and irregular foreigner.

Structure inner actions to advance in the promotion of decent salary.*

* Goal to be defined on the ESG Plan revision in 2025.

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