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Who We Are

Doing right

Here at Malwee Group, we make sustainable, conscious and meant to last fashion.

We see the world through long lasting relationships that we build with people, with the business and the planet. This is our essence. It is what defines us and makes us unique!

We are over 4 thousand people that dedicate ourselves to do good and do well done, always creating the best brand experiences for our consumers and generating positive impact on people’s lives and on the planet.

We are Malwee Group, a place where THE WORLD WAS MEANT TO LAST.
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President's Message

The world is constantly evolving. In recent decades, science and technology have driven development. On the other hand, humanity still faces major social and environmental challenges that, if not overcome collectively, distance us, day after day, from the possibility of a more just and prosperous world for all. Therefore, acting is urgent!

The Malwee Group understands its leading role in this global agenda and, since its foundation, 53 years ago, it has acted to balance the prosperity of its businesses with its commitment to society and the environment. After all, for us, the world was made to last!

Thus, in recent decades, we were pioneers in the use of sustainable raw materials, in investing in manufacturing processes with low environmental impact, and we started to lead a movement to raise society's awareness of sustainable and democratic fashion. This way of conducting business has become part of our corporate culture and is, without a doubt, our way of being and of doing fashion.

Therefore, by presenting the Malwee Group's 2030 ESG Plan, we take another step towards our commitment to effectively contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, with bold and science-based goals. This plan is not only focused on the material themes with the greatest impact in the fashion sector. He is our look at humanity's challenges.

For this reason, it was built in a participatory manner with suppliers, customers, employees and representatives of society who chose priority themes for our work, including the fight against the climate crisis, which is, if not, the greatest environmental urgency of this century.

The ESG 2030 Plan opens another chapter of our sustainability journey and reiterates our responsibility to future generations and sustainable fashion for the good of people and the planet. Because, for us, the world was made to last. And to make the world last, we need to get started today!

William Weege
CEO of the Malwee Group


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