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Diversity and inclusion

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Racial diversity is an imperative reality in Brazil, which has one of the most diverse population in the world regarding their historic roots that promoted the mixture of indigenous, black people and European and Asian immigrants.
Brazilian culture is diverse, but does not exclude the expressively racial inequality, which is an important characteristic of our country and confirmed by its evident hegemony of a social class in the processes of work division and income division, beyond factors like health access, education, labor, sanitation and security.

We have a great journey to reach our goals of racial equality and reflect the regional representativeness in our country.
Lately, we are structuring its first census to know better the reality and track its strategies as the agenda of human race steps forward to reach its goals.

For 2030, we commit ourselves to:


*foto tirada antes da pandemia


black people + indigenous people on the general board until 2030.

Having at least

Reaching regional representativeness reflected in the company until 2030.

Promote race equality and inclusion on the value chain, encouraging racial knowledge until 2025.*

* Goal to be defined on the ESG Plan revision in 2025.

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