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A plan built by many hands

Our ESG Plan 2030 was built in a participative way, with over 100 people among employees, store clients, consumers, suppliers and society representatives. Together, we search for inspiration along with our purpose, the conection idea and lasting relationships that we aim to build with people, with the business and the planet.

Ensuring that the actions and choices that we have today will define the future of our planet, we define bold goals based on science to be reached until 2030, using the principles of circular vision, SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), Donut economy and ESG.

Circular Vision

Inspired on natural ecosystems where there is not the waste idea and everything serves continually as nutrient for a new cycle.


Sustainable Development Goals: Plan of action defined by world leaders in the United Nations (UN) to erradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure that people reach peace and prosperity.

Donut Economy

Economic model to reach a prosperous economy, showing the balance need between attending human necessities and keeping the environmental limits of the planet.


Environmental, Social and Governance: A governance (G) that contemplates de responsibility, authority and processes’ definition for making decisions. When combined to environmental aspects (E) and social (S), it ensures the strategic execution respecting the environmental limits and personal relationships.

With this, we apply the Evaluation Matrix for defining the prior themes of the company, pillars as Climate Change, Material Resources, Water, Decent Labor, Gender Equality and Race.

Get to know our actions and environmental and social goals to be part of the change the world needs!


Cimate Change

There is not a plan B


Material Resources

Less impact, less circularity and natural resources’ preservation



Each drop counts


Decent labor

A right of all



Gender equality



Race diversity

Our pioneering, social and environmental commitment in sustainable fashion changed the way of making fashion in Brazil.


Foundation of Malwee Group


Opening of Malwee Park


Opening of Wolfgang Weege Museum


Opening of Carl Weege Museum

It is for the good of people and the planet.

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